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Is Cotton the Right Choice for Your Employee Uniforms?

Cotton Uniforms

Is cotton a good choice for your employee uniforms? Read more below.

Cotton has been a staple in our wardrobe for thousands of years. While it certainly has a deep impact on our culture and is a fabric that most of us wear on a daily basis, there are certain things to consider when choosing the right fabric to rent or purchase for your employee uniforms.

Why is Cotton So Great?

Humans have been using cotton since 5,000 B.C., so clearly there must be some benefits to the fabric. One of the biggest benefits is its soft and breathable nature. Cotton has the ability to retain softness and continues to get softer with time. It is a natural fiber, which means it is better for air circulation. Cotton helps remove body moisture, and, due to its breathable quality, your employees aren’t as likely to overheat.

Cotton is a hypoallergenic and natural fiber – for people with more sensitive skin, this can be a definite benefit. Synthetic fibers are created with chemicals and can cause an allergic reaction in some people. Depending on your company’s stance on the environment or your employees’ concerns, cotton can be a versatile option to meet in the middle.

What Makes Cotton a Poor Choice?

We all know our favorite cotton shirt – it is soft and reminds us of good times, but it can also wrinkle really easily after a wash. Ironing a uniform can take time and it is possible some employees may not be compliant with presentation standards when it comes to removing wrinkles.

Another disadvantage of cotton can be partly due to its natural quality; it is subject to shrinking, fading, and bleeding of colors. While you can recommend sizing up on your uniforms, it is possible that your employees may have to be forced to order new uniforms over time due to shrinking. While cotton fades slightly in the wash, if your employees work outside a lot of the time, remember that it fades more quickly in direct sunlight.

For All of Your Employee Uniform Rental Needs

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