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How to Choose The Right Uniforms

How to Choose the Right Uniforms

Employee uniforms must be functional and facilitate your employees in their abilities to do their jobs.

Employee uniforms serve many purposes, so it’s important that you choose the right ones for your business. Remember the function and style in your decision-making, and the overall comfort of your employees and their ability to perform the tasks of their positions. Read on for a guide to choosing the right uniforms.


Employee uniforms must be functional and facilitate your employees in their abilities to do their jobs. For example, for employees that work in hot environments like kitchens, breathable materials would help them maintain comfort. The uniforms that athletes wear allow for enhanced mobility while others have space to store essential accessories. When choosing uniforms, keep the way they’ll function on the job at the top of your list. A great tip is to ask your employees what would help them perform their tasks and how the uniforms should work.  


Employee uniforms should help your employees be visible in two ways. The first way is that your employees should be recognizable and easily identifiable by customers. Whether that means incorporating the company logo or colors, it should set them apart from other people in your business. Furthermore, the right employee uniforms will keep your employees safe when working at night. Some industries, especially construction, require employees to work outside at night. In these conditions, it’s necessary that the uniforms allow the workers to be visible at all times, especially by traffic.  


Employee uniforms that are easy to clean are a benefit to both the employees themselves and managers. Consider materials that don’t stain easily and are easy to maintain on a weekly basis. If you’re giving out the uniforms, give your employees at least three options so that they can maintain a clean rotation throughout the week. Multiple options and uniforms that are easy to clean will help save costs in the long run.


Choose uniform styles that are contemporary, but not trendy. As trends come and go, you want to make sure that your uniforms are modern without being out of touch. Think of employee uniforms as part of your marketing plan. They should help tell the story of your business while reflecting an approachable and friendly image.

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