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Are Hospitals Obligated to Provide Medical Uniforms?

Are Hospitals Obligated to Provide Medical Uniforms?

Scrubs and other medical uniforms are immensely crucial to everyone who works in the healthcare industry.

Scrubs and other medical uniforms are immensely crucial to everyone who works in the healthcare industry. No matter the size of the hospital or clinic a patient visits, they expect to see doctors in their iconic coats and surgeons in scrubs of different colors depending on the department and the type of treatment they need. But one real question remains: are hospitals obligated to provide these medical uniforms to their employees?

Directly Beneficial

There is little doubt that these uniforms are directly beneficial to the people who need to wear them every day at work. Medical workers, no matter what they are responsible for, should not have to purchase their scrubs. It doesn’t matter if they are hygienists in a dentist’s office or working reception or security at a large hospital down the road from a university campus. If the scrubs need to be embroidered, that can also make them much more expensive than before. However, if hospitals invest in uniform rental programs, they can discover the benefits of having clean uniforms provided regularly without burdening their employees with needing to take care of the same uniforms, especially not when they already have a busy schedule.

Greater Professionalism

All stakeholders in hospital, from the surgeons, nurses, and interns to the administrators, visitors, and patients, can all benefit from a display of greater professionalism. It helps to increase the sense of trust in the hospital, which in turn can help the medical facility thrive. Differently colored scrubs should indicate different ranks within the organizational structure of the hospital – in a word, the hierarchy. This helps reduce confusion, frustration, and can make all the difference in an emergency, whether it has to do with a natural disaster or a disease outbreak.

Protection from Infection

Medical uniforms such as scrubs also serve another purpose: they help keep hospital employees safe. Even though hospitals are expected to be clean places, the transmission of germs, bacteria, and viruses is inevitable. Plus, if the employees have to take their uniforms home or off-site to wash and sanitize their uniforms, they risk infecting their family members and loved ones. All washing and drying equipment, whether on-site or off-site, need to be monitored as closely as possible. This is another reason why hospitals should look into uniform rental programs.

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