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3 Benefits of Using Anti-Fatigue Mats

use anti-fatigue mats at your job to prevent injury from standing for long periods

Could your business stand to get anti-fatigue mats? We think so.

Are you or your workers spending the majority of your workday on your feet? If so, you should seriously consider outfitting your workstations with anti-fatigue mats. Jobs that require you to stand for long periods are taxing on your legs and back. Furthermore, regularly standing for an extended duration can cause unseen and often irreversible health problems.

Those working in manufacturing, food service, hospitality, and retail are most at risk for injuries resulting from standing throughout their shifts. After a long day, they will notice soreness in muscles and joints throughout their body, not just their feet. Aside from the constant discomfort, circulatory problems could arise from the pressure of standing on hard surfaces all day.

To offer relief and reduce injury, keep reading to discover three benefits of using anti-fatigue mats at your business.

1. Reduce Stress and Pain on the Body

Standing on hard surfaces like tile or concrete is far different than standing on an ergonomic anti-fatigue mat. By standing on a flexible mat that offers some give, you can take a lot of the stress put on the body’s muscles and joints. The subtle support of anti-fatigue mats can also help to absorb the pressure on the body when walking.

2. Reduce the Risk of Accidents

Like using high-quality entrance matting to improve safety, using anti-fatigue mats also reduce the risk of accidents from slips and spills. You can purchase anti-fatigue mats coated for oil and grease resistance if your workplace tracks these substances on the floors often. The added grip shoes have on mats drastically reduces the risk of slipping in general. Mats can also have drainage holes to protect workers from spills, accidents that are prone to happen in a kitchen.

3. Provide Comfort to your Workers

If your employees are allowed input on their uniforms, why not do the same for their work environment? They have good reason to vouch for other things to make it more comfortable and safe to do their jobs. Providing your employees with comfort should be one of your business’s priorities. If your employees are more at ease, they can perform their duties to the best of their abilities.

Are you convinced of the added benefits of using anti-fatigue mats at your workplace? Give these mats a try with Ace Uniform’s mat rental service. All mats are compliant with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines.

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