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Why You Need Custom Towels for Your Hotel

Why You Need Custom Towels for Your Hotel

It may seem insignificant at first, but the cotton you use for your towels is just as crucial as the cotton for the sheets and bed linens.

It may seem insignificant at first, but the cotton you use for your towels is just as crucial as the cotton for the sheets and bed linens. When you run a hotel, you want the entire stay to be as comfortable as possible for all of your guests. At first glance, custom towels may seem like an egregious expense, but you will come to find that they are worth it. Here are some of the reasons why.  

Marketing Efforts

Part of marketing your hotel is to improve the branding of it. Getting your name out there and building a better reputation starts with the small things. Reminding your guests where they are is an essential strategy. The custom towels you include in each room and down by the pool can carry the name and logo of your hotel, no matter where it is located. Even so, be pragmatic about it. Putting your name and logo on everything will be seen as tacky and excessive. Pick and choose what you want to brand. These design choices also help to tie everything together. 

Improving Customer Service 

Another reason to use custom towels is to help improve your level of customer service. Keeping your linens clean means, you need to be on the spot about providing freshly-laundered ones to replace the towels that are being cleaned. Giving your guests old or worn-out towels will not impress them. It is more likely to upset them. You can’t afford to have a negative rating in the hospitality industry. As a whole, the entire sector is just too competitive for that to be acceptable. 

When your  hotel is clean, presentable, and full of attractive decorations, fun activities, comfortable lodgings, and friendly staff, then all of your guests will be willing to give glowing reviews, either on social media, provide testimonials to your website, or spread positive word-of-mouth buzz to anyone they know, even when they meet up for brunch to do a spot of vacation planning. Everyone staying at your hotel, even for one night before a cruise, wants to feel like they are still on vacation even before they leave the city, state, or country.  

Enhancing the Experience 

Try to think of all the ways that you can improve a customer’s experience. That’s the basis of offering a good time. After all, you want to make such a good impression that your guests will want to come back whenever they are around, and in a resort town, customer loyalty can be more valuable than words can adequately express. 

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