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How to Promote Employee Safety with Your Uniform Policy

Promoting Employee Safety

You can help promote employee safety with careful choices in uniforms.

Employee uniforms have been shown to increase productivity and the sense of camaraderie in a given team. However, depending on the industry, employee uniforms can also serve a more practical purpose. Workplace safety initiatives are ever-present to keep employees safe from the hazardous environments they have to face. Uniforms can help promote employee safety and security in this context. Whether you need flame-resistant materials, extra insulation for cold environments, or reflective materials for added visibility, your uniform policy will influence and promote a culture of safety in your organization.

Personal Protective Equipment

When your employees need to perform work duties in a hazardous environment, generally they will need some sort of personal protective equipment, or PPE. Design your uniform policy with the hazards workers are likely to face in mind.

  • Fire Hazards: Uniforms made of flame resistant material are not just for firefighters. In fact, these uniforms can also help protect against the shock of electric charges as well. Thermal gloves can also be implemented so your workers can handle heated objects safely as well.
  • Contamination Hazards: Employee safety is also important for workers dealing with chemicals. In this case, lab coats, fitted clothing, and non-absorbent materials are designed to help mitigate the risks associated with chemical accidents. Elastic and Velcro cuffs can also prevent harmful substances from getting underneath sleeves and gloves.

High-Visibility Uniforms

Another consideration for employee safety will be making sure workers are easily visible at all times. Workers in the construction industry are constantly in danger from the heavy machinery surrounding them during the day, and road workers also have to worry about oncoming traffic. High visibility uniforms are designed with reflective materials to make employees more easily seen. In general, these uniforms are divided into three groups.

  • Type O: Uniforms that protect workers who are exposed to hazards that don’t include on-coming roadway traffic. These would cover warehouse workers exposed to indoor moving traffic, refinery and mine employees, and shopping cart attendants at the local superstore.
  • Type R: More reflective than type O uniforms, type R covers workers who need to be seen by oncoming roadway traffic.
  • Type P: Type P uniforms are designed especially for the use of public safety workers. Police officers, firefighters, and EMT personnel may need to perform their job duties under exposure to heavy oncoming traffic, so this class of uniforms covers and protects them.

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