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How to Launch a New Company Uniform

Launching a New Company Uniform

Launching a new company uniform can be overwhelming. Here are some tips to help you make the transition smooth!

If you’re putting together a new or revised company uniform, you know how involved and challenging it can be. The process can take up a lot of time and is a big investment. The execution of a new company uniform is just as important as the design and creation process. To ensure the new uniform and uniform policy is introduced well is to ensure its success. Do you need guidance in launching a new company uniform? Here are some steps to make the transition as smooth as possible.

1. Address Initial Issues

When the new uniforms come in, take the time to ensure that everyone has received them and has had an opportunity to try them on. Give your staff a definite deadline to have any issues, such as fit or size issues, addressed so that everyone is ready to go with the new company uniform on launch day.

2. Give Instructions Regarding Packing and Care

It’s important to give your staff clear instructions on the maintenance and care of the new uniforms. If you’re renting uniforms, give them the information on how that process will work. If you are buying them, your employees may be responsible for keeping them clean and this should be made clear.

3. Templates

Keep all uniform templates handy in case you need to reorder anything. Entrust someone on your staff to take care of any uniform problems or orders and let your staff know who the point person is.

4. Launch Event

An exciting way to launch your new company uniform is to have an event planned around it. This is a great way to get your team together and build camaraderie while getting them excited for the new uniforms. Creating a modeling event is a great way to achieve this.

5. Set a Start Date

Rather than having staff change over to new uniforms over a period of time, have the entire staff change over on a definite start date. This creates a powerful impression and a feeling of togetherness with your staff.

6. Celebrate!

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