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Implementing a Uniform Policy from Scratch

Uniform Policy

Starting a new company uniform policy but not sure where to start? Here are some tips!

You have decided that a uniform policy is the best way to make your business more professional (and we agree!), but now you need to actually develop and implement your plan. If you are starting a uniform policy from scratch, it can be difficult to know where to start. Here are our best tips for implementing a uniform policy from scratch.

What Do You Want You Uniform Policy to Accomplish?

First things first, decide what the purpose of your new uniform policy is. There are countless great reasons to start a uniform policy, including:

  • Keeping employees safe from fire hazards or electric hazards
  • Maintaining good hygiene
  • Branding
  • Improving productivity and work performance
  • Fostering employee cooperation
  • Safety (for scientific labs or medical facilities that rely on contaminants staying put)

Explain How the Uniform Policy Will Work

Employees need to understand the uniform policy in order for it to be effective. Take the time to explain to employees what the rules will be, what the repercussions for breaking them will be, and the following:

  • How employees will get their uniforms (if you will provide them or if they are expected to provide them)
  • What the uniforms will consist of
  • How the uniforms will be laundered
  • What special care instructions apply to the uniforms
  • What to do if something happens to their uniform
  • What employees do with their uniform if they are let go or leave the company

Being clear with the uniform policy from the beginning will limit bumps in the road and prevent confusion and frustration from your employees.

Offer to Answer Questions

Any company-wide policy change, especially a uniform policy, should always be rolled out with a direct point of contact for employees. Give everyone a specific email and phone number to call with any uniform issues, whether the problem is the size of the pants they were issued or a stain on the shirt. One year after finishing last in the SEC with a 6-18 record, not much was expected of the Georgia softball team in 2018 georgia fake id Gwinnett County court on Monday.

For All of Your Uniform Rental Needs

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