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How the Mechanic Uniform Changed Over Time

How the Mechanic Uniform Changed Over Time

Take a look at the history of the mechanic uniform to see what has changed and what has stayed the same over the years.

Uniforms are great for several different industries. Having a mechanic uniform is very common nowadays. Both men and women who make a living repairing cars are required to wear a uniform — at least these days it seems it’s the norm. But has it always been this way? The mechanic uniform has changed quite a bit throughout the years. Here is a peek into the ever-evolving mechanic uniform. 

A Very Durable And Protective Garment

There is no doubt that a mechanic’s uniform must be both durable and protective. The fabric of the mechanic uniform has evolved throughout the years, from denim to cotton, and even thick materials treated with flame retardants. However, the structure itself has maintained its sense of function as a durable, reliable, and protective feature of any mechanic uniform. The most popular style was the classic coverall or jumpsuit style. Still used today, these garments are great for protecting the mechanic’s skin and underclothing from car grease.

Pockets Are A Necessity

Often overlooked, pockets are a mechanic’s best friend. Pockets are necessities for mechanics so that they could hold their frequently used small tools and have them nearby at all times. While classic name embroidery and logos are usually part of any mechanic’s uniform, it’s ultimately the pockets that make the greatest difference in terms of design for a mechanic’s uniform to be practical. 

Long-Sleeve Work Shirts

Over the years, mechanics began getting creative with their work uniforms. Long-sleeve work shirts, made from a thick material that would protect them from the mess associated with fixing a vehicle, became the staple of a mechanic’s uniform. In some auto shops that don’t require a particular dress code, mechanics can also find working in short-sleeved shirts more comfortable. Despite less protection and coverage on the arms, it’s safe to work on cars in short-sleeved shirts too. Incorporating work shirts into the mechanic’s wardrobe allowed companies to save some money on replacing full coveralls, as well as let mechanics wear pants they felt comfortable working in.

Bottom Line

The mechanic uniform has evolved, and we can likely expect more changes over time. Today, mechanics have a wide array of uniform pieces to choose from to best suit their needs, from coveralls to jackets to work pants. Mechanics require durable uniforms that can help protect them from the dirty and grimy substances they have to deal with when repairing a vehicle day in and day out. Ultimately, having proper mechanic uniforms can make a difference in not just your business from a customer perspective, but can help your employees feel confident and comfortable while working on the vehicles that come into your shop every day. It’s these uniforms that allow your mechanics to do quality work and have your customers coming back. 

Mechanic Uniforms from Ace Uniform

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