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Hire the Right Restroom Cleaning Service

How to Hire the Right Restroom Cleaning Service

Find the restroom cleaning service that your business facility can rely on.

Even for the most well-versed facilities manager, finding a high quality and reputable restroom cleaning service can be a challenging process. Ensuring your facility has clean and well-maintained restrooms is critical to so many aspects of your business. From daily functionality to keeping customers and guests impressed – a clean bathroom is endlessly important. So why is it so hard to find a good cleaning service? Interviewing cleaning services can be tricky; they can say almost anything about their service, and you won’t know the truth until locked into a contract. Fortunately, we have some tips to help you navigate your way to a great commercial restroom cleaning company. 

Quality Staff Over Restroom Cleaning Products 

One of the first things to consider as you begin your search for a quality cleaning company is to understand that even the best cleaning products and equipment in the world can’t make up for unhappy and unmotivated staff. If a cleaning company doesn’t bring up their employees in your initial interview, it’s a red flag — no mop runs on its own, and if the interviewee doesn’t think to mention their staff, it may be a sign that they’re not hiring quality people. 

Ask Questions 

There are many different questions you will want to ask a potential restroom cleaning service, but some of the ones you may not expect are about how they treat their staff. Ensuring that you’re working with a company that respects and treats its staff well is critical. If their employees are unsatisfied and come into your business at night to clean — what are the chances that they might take out their anger on you by doing a bad job or worse? Some good ways to help gauge this is to ask about what they do to attract and keep high-quality staff, what benefits they offer, and what kinds of screening they do for new hires. 

Find Reviews 

Asking for referrals may not always lead to success – if the company isn’t doing a good job, they will likely have fewer people willing to vouch for them. In today’s age, we’re lucky to have more resources for information gathering. Most services will have at least a few reviews. You can also look into alternative ways of information gathering – some new career websites will allow former and current staff to rate their workplace, which can help you learn about worker satisfaction and culture as well. 

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