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Facts About Flame Resistant Clothing

Facts About Flame Resistant Clothing

Flame resistant and fire-retardant clothing find uses in the oil and gas industry, welding and construction, the military, and (of course) fire safety.

You’ve probably heard about flame resistant clothing and even have an understanding of their importance in various industries to keep workers safe, but do you know what makes them so effective in preventing potential injuries? To people that use them, fire resistant uniforms are simply known as FR clothing and have the ability to cease the effects of burning and even self-extinguish. Here are more facts about both fire-resistant clothing and its teammate fire retardant clothing.

Common Uses

Flame resistant and fire-retardant clothing find uses in the oil and gas industry, welding and construction, the military, and (of course) fire safety.

  1. In the oil and gas industry, flash fires are a common danger that workers face. They spread rapidly and are fueled by gas, liquid, or even dust. In this industry, professionals work very close to flammable elements that always pose a fire hazard. Wearing a uniform that minimizes injury helps reduce the exposure to flames.
  2. Welders and construction workers often use very hot and molten materials, including metals that can be flammable if exposed to other elements. Furthermore, direct contact with these materials would cause severe burns. FR clothing acts as a barrier between the skin and these hazards.
  3. Military personnel face many dangerous and unpredictable scenarios during the course of their service. They also work with many sensitive materials and devices that FR clothing will protect them from.
  4. Of course, firefighters and other public safety professionals work directly with fire and are often called to walk directly into environments filled with flames. The FR clothing needs to be layered to prevent exposure to flammable materials, burns, and flames themselves.

Flame Resistant vs. Flame Retardant

Flame resistant clothing uses materials that are engineered to resist the chemical properties that create flames. Regardless of how many times you wash or wear the clothing, these materials will remain effective against flame exposure. Flame retardant clothing features treated fabrics that are combined to slow the burning process and self-extinguish. Over time, the effectiveness of this clothing will become less effective and need to be replaced.


Flame resistant clothing needs to stand up to safety guidelines to ensure the protection of all professionals who will wear them. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the National Fire Protection Association both have accepted standards that the clothing must adhere to. The fabric is subjected to various tests to ensure it is safe to wear in dangerous environments. Попробуйте эффект знаменитого крема jeunesse instantly ageless отзывы о нем исключительно позитивные!

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