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Do You Need a Towel Service for Your Business?

Do You Need a Towel Service for Your Business?

Do you need a towel service for your business? Here’s how you can determine that for yourself.

Towels are incredibly versatile, and no matter what type of business you run, you can’t do without them. Do you need a towel service for your business? Here’s how you can determine that for yourself.

Size of the Towel

Bath or body towels: If your business hosts a swimming pool, communal showers, or spa services, then these towels are enormously useful. Different widths and sizes are available depending on what you need them for; you can even choose decorative towels for when you need that aesthetic – even if that is more important in a hotel than in a restaurant.

Hand towels: When you invest in a towel service, you can also feel confident that you’re getting the best possible hand towels for your business. Whether you need them for polishing the cars on your auto dealership, cleaning services throughout your business, or drying off customers after a hair treatment, hand towels have a wide variety of uses that will serve your business well.

Washcloths: Washcloths are also useful to have. They can function as a cleaning cloth for any surfaces you need to disinfect, or you can offer them to your guests to use during a bath, shower, or facial treatments. The most important part is to keep them clean sterile, and separate – the washcloths you use for cleaning should never be mixed up with the ones you provide your customers!

Shop & Automotive

Believe it or not, towel services are integral to the success of any auto shops or automotive detailing businesses. When you need to detail a car, using a different color of the towel is best, so feel free to choose from different colors of towels for this purpose.


Whether you’re running a bar, a restaurant, or a hotel, towels can still make a huge difference. In bars and restaurants, you want to be sure that the towels you order will have enough absorbency to wipe up any water or liquid spills on your counters and tables.

Taking Care of the Towels

You must take the best care of the towels you receive. Be sure to wash and dry them upon receipt; this way, they’ll be as soft and fluffy as you expect after they’ve been tightly packed together for delivery. Be careful about using dryer sheets and fabric softeners, too: these are great for cleaning clothes and uniforms but will decrease the absorbency of your towels.  

Uniform Services from Ace Uniform

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