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What are the Different Classes of Hi-Visibility Clothing?

hi-visibility clothing

Hi-visibility clothing is essential for workers in construction zones and other industries.

Workers in the construction industry know just how difficult it can be to be noticed on a work site. The environment is full of distractions, from loud noises and big equipment to the presence of traffic. These variables pose a substantial risk to workers on a construction site during the daylight hours, but factor in nighttime work and this risk is increased. Hi-visibility clothing is one way that this risk is minimized on the job. The reflective material in this clothing ensures that workers are able to be noticed, keeping them safe and secure. Hi-visibility clothing is grouped into three different classes which must be considered if you are planning on buying or renting clothing for your employees.

Class 1

Class 1 hi-visibility clothing is the lowest class on the scale and has the minimum amount of necessary reflective materials in them. These garments must have a minimum of 217 square inches of reflective material in order to meet this threshold. They are generally used for jobs which are done away from traffic in non-complex environments.

Class 2

Hi-visibility clothing meeting class 2 standards are required for all workers who are working in a temporary traffic control zone. Usually, any workers in a zone where traffic is moving under 25 mph, such as traffic patrol guards or school crossing guards, are required to wear class 2 garments. These have more reflective elements than class 1 garments, but vests are allowed to be worn as opposed to class 3 requirements. The threshold for class 2 hi-visibility clothing is 755 square inches of reflective material, in addition to reflective bands greater than an inch of thickness.

Class 3

Class 3 garments are required for all workers who are working in an environment where traffic is moving faster than 25 mph. Reflective material on these garments must total at least 1240 square inches, in addition to two inch thick reflective bands. This clothing must also feature reflective materials on sleeves and pant legs, so no vests are able to qualify as class 3 hi-visibility clothing. Looking for web development outsource ? Check and contact us.

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