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Why is Casual Dress Hurting Your Business?

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Wearing uniforms instead of casual dress can cause a boost in your employees’ productivity.

You know that workers, employees, and staff love wearing casual clothes to the office every day, but, could that casual dress code be damaging your business? Traditional business attire like suits and dresses have fallen by the wayside in exchange for more casual clothes like hooded sweatshirts and sneakers. Does how you dress affect how well you do your job? How could a casual dress code be hurting your business?

How You Dress Affects How You Work

Whether or not we want to admit it, the way that we dress has a direct effect on how well we are able to perform tasks. If you are constantly dressed like you are headed out for a morning of running errands or an afternoon of football on the couch, you are dressing for your “fun” role and not your “functional” role. According to psychologists, casual dress can cause employees to feel less focused and less alert on the job. We adopt the characteristics of our clothes, so when we typically wear t-shirts for relaxing and then start wearing them to work, our brain still wants to be in “relax” mode. The same thing happens if you wear a structured work uniform out with friends—you can’t quite get comfortable because your brain still wants to be productive at work!

How Can You Boost Your Productivity with Clothing?

While dressing casual is the current trend throughout many industries to promote a cool and casual work culture, it has definite downsides. How can you help employees in a more casual office still have distinct on and off work clothing? If employees like wearing jeans to work, consider adding a button down or collared shirt as a requirement to replace t-shirts. You could also ask that employees, male and female, wear blazers with their jeans or casual pants. These are easy ways to help workers dress the part while still maintaining their own styles.

For All of Your Uniform Needs

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